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Animal feed pellet production line

Animal feed pellet production line

Animal feed pellet production line includes batching scale, hammer mill, feed mixer, pellet mill, cooler, rotatry screener, packing scale and final pellet for poultry, fish, chicken and pig, etc. The pellet mill used in large scaleanimal feed production plant/feed factory or small scale feed plant.

Animal feed pellet production line application
Raw materials are corn,like Soybean,Maize,groats,grass powder.
Pellet diameter is 2mm,3mm,3.5mm,4mm,5mm,6mm,8mm,10mm,different pellets diameter is fit for different poultry growth stage,it is widely used in Chicken feed,Fish feed(sinking),pig feed and cattle feedstuff.
Lima Machinery are dedicated to offerring feed pellet production solurions, so we developed the feed pellet production line that can be applied to make various pellet feed for poultry animals, livestock animlas as well as aquztic animals, such as rabbits, ducks, cattle, chickens, sheep, pigs, pigeons, fishes and shrimp. And the peoduction capacity is adjutable based on your production requests.

Animal feed pellet production line

Highlights of Our Animal Feed Production Plant

1. Customized production capacity as required to meet different scale animal farms and feed processing plants.
2. Wide application for producing various pellet feed for poultry, livestock, and aquatic animals.
3. Various pellet sizes for different animals.
4. Able to processing many kinds of raw materials into feed pellets.
5. Automatic PLC control system for the whole production line.
6. Environment-friendly production with no any waste water and exhaust gas during the production process.

Equipment Related to Complete Feed Pellet Production Line
Feed Grinder →Feed Mixer → Feed Pellet Mill → Counterflow Cooler → Feed Pellets Crumbler → Feed Pellets Grading Sieve → Automatic Weighing and Packing Machine
Animal feed pellet production line

Animal feed pellet production line main technical parameters:

Model Capacity Power Pellet   Size Weight Dimension
LIMA-KLJ100 100KG/H 3KW 4-6mm 0.05T 1.15*0.3*0.55M
LIMA-KLJ300 300KG/H 7.5KW 4-6mm 0.15T 1.26*0.4*0.65M
LIMA-KLJ500 500KG/H 11KW 4-6mm 0.2T 1.3*0.5*0.85M
LIMA-KLJ700 700KG/H 15KW 4-6mm 0.5T 1.4*0.6*1M
LIMA-KLJ800 800KG/H 22KW 4-8mm 0.57T 1.7*0.6*1.1M
LIMA-KLJ1000 1000KG/H 30KW 4-8mm 0.75T 1.86*0.67*1.6M
LIMA-KLJ4000 4-18T/H 117KW 4-12mm 2.45T 3.123*1.05*2.915M

Poultry feed pellet machine

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