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Automatic fish feeder

Automatic fish feeder

Automatic fish feeder is made of feed box, frame, foundation, shooting feed bodies(main motor, shooting feedplate, the cover of shooting feed plate),Detaching feed bodies(detaching feed motor, eccentric rod, carrying feed vibration box),adjustment handle, tightening nut and electrical applicant control box.

Operational principle of automatic pond fish feeder
The motors operation time can be controlled by electrical appliance control box to make the feed thrown quantitatively.
Feed in the feed box is evenly discharged into the shooting feed plate by the detaching feed bodies when the feeder is working. The shooting feed plate throws the feed into the fish pond evenly and quickly under centrifugation from main motor. The amount of discharging feed can beprecisely controlled by adjustment handle and tightening nut. The motor's working time can be controlled by electrical appliance control box to make the feed thrown quantitatively. The machine hasperfect behavior and accurate adjustment of amount of throwing feed. The area of throwing feed is large. It is a new-style fishery machinery that is necessary for aquaculture.

Automatic fish feeder main technical parameters:

Model Dimension Power Feed box volume Feeding distance Fan angle Fit for water area Max feeding capacity
LIMA-01 43*43*90cm 120kw 60kg 1-15M 130 1-2acre 160kg/H
LIMA-02 47*47*100cm 180kw 80kg 1-18M 130 2-3acre 160kg/H
LIMA-03 55*66*100cm 180kw 100kg 1-18M 130 3-4acre 160kg/H

Advantage of automatic pond fish feeder
It is designed together with a simple structure, stable performance, reliable,precise adjustable drop charge, maintenance convenience, saving feed, save labor, reduce labor intensity and to facilitate the scientific management of fish ponds is essential to the fishermen of the new scientific culture
Saving valuable time for projects
Increasing the productivity.Rendering up to 450m2/8hours
Saving labour and other related cost
The working condition,preparation and raw objects work with are all similar as manual rendering.Be protable,easy operation and maintenance.Be easy controlling of windows,corners,sockets.

Automatic fish feeder working is reliable, accurate, and shooting, material feeding distance, large area, simple structure, convenient maintenance, save, save, save electricity artificial feed, using three months or so, you can withdraw cost

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